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Fundraising Consulting Services

Signature Staffing  

Whether through staff transitions or planned leaves, vacancies on your team can grind work to a halt. I can help you stay on track, get the work done, manage special projects, and lead your team for an interim or time-limited engagement. 

Custom Project - Your Problems Solved

Something isn’t working quite right. I can measure your progress, conduct research, and help you determine where to adjust your program.

Whether you need an extra hand to advance a strategic initiative or experienced counsel to help you navigate complex issues, let's work together to solve your problems.

Planning Sprint

Planning a team retreat? Need a campaign strategy? Short on time to even plan make a plan?


Planning sprints are designed to lead your team toward greater cohesion and optimize your planning when you need to quickly jump into action. 

Philanthropic Values Team Session

Delivered for advancement staff, non-profit boards, or donor groups, this workshop connects attendees to the purpose of giving in new and deeply introspective ways.

This workshop teaches attendees about the roots of philanthropy, helps attendees explore their relationship to philanthropy (in all its forms), brings attendees closer together, and shares new ways to think about how donors decide to give. 


Individual coaching to empower your personal and professional growth. 

Growth Coaching: Unlock your talents to create the work life that aligns with your values.

Search Coaching: Full service search, resume review, interview coaching services to help you land the right role.

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