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Welcome to Cultivating Generosity!

Welcome to Cultivating Generosity, the newsletter to help you create a values-driven, joyful, and intentional giving plan. Here you'll learn about ways to give, you'll receive prompts to help you hone in on your giving philosophy, I'll keep you up to date about news and trends in giving, and we'll have a fun time while we're at it. Thanks for checking it out!

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Miss an issue of Cultivating Generosity? Check out the archive below.

  • Issue # 1 (9/26/23): DAFs, alumni giving vs college rankings, hippos eating watermelon

  • Issue # 2 (10/11/23): Gratitude, AI in fundraising, Yeeeahhhhhh!!!!

  • Issue # 3 (10/25/23): Year-end giving, tax advantages, the "best" gifts, El Cholo

  • Issue # 4 (11/8/23): Keep it moving, political optimism, preparing for the worst, treasure, Metro Art

  • Issue # 5 (11/29/23):  Say hello, ideas for reducing taxes, testimony, gifts with impact

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