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Welcome to Cultivating Generosity!

Welcome to Cultivating Generosity, the newsletter to help you flourish as a values-driven and joyful nonprofit and advancement professional. Whether you think of our work as voluntary action for the public good, or love of humanity - I'm here to help you connect to you and your community's purpose. I'll share tactical information to engage your supporters around the acts of giving (time, talent, treasure, ties, testimony), ask you to reflect deeply about the why behind your programs, provide sector news, and we'll have a fun time while we're at it. Thanks for checking it out!

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Miss an issue of Cultivating Generosity? Check out the archive below.

  • Issue # 1 (9/26/23): DAFs, alumni giving vs college rankings, hippos eating watermelon

  • Issue # 2 (10/11/23): Gratitude, AI in fundraising, Yeeeahhhhhh!!!!

  • Issue # 3 (10/25/23): Year-end giving, tax advantages, the "best" gifts, El Cholo

  • Issue # 4 (11/8/23): Keep it moving, political optimism, preparing for the worst, giving treasure, Metro Art

  • Issue # 5 (11/29/23):  Say hello, ideas for reducing taxes, giving testimony, gifts with impact

  • Issue # 6 (12/21/23): Effective Altruism, giving directly, giving talent, Harry Potter fanfiction

  • Issue # 7 (1/10/24): New Year and giving goals, Elvis, giving pledge, connections puzzle

  • Issue # 8 (1/31/24): Asymmetric requirement of gratitude (ARG!), giving ties, Warren Buffet sent me $2.5 million

  • Issue # 9 (2/14/24): Love of mankind, the Platinum Rule, why you give: poetry edition, hot air balloons

  • Issue # 10 (3/14/24): How rich are you really, pi day

  • Issue # 11 (4/3/24): Community-centric Fundraising, is donor-centrism why you give, my happy place

  • Issue # 12 (4/15/24): Cultivating generosity is changing!

  • Issue # 13 (5/8/24): Relaunch issue! What to expect, glass escalator, knowing yourself, stuffed animals for adults

  • Issue #14 (5/22/24): Long COVID at work, nonprofits creating more problems than they solve, New Mexico is underrated

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